When you come to me, thinking about seeking help, you can expect certain things:


  • First, I will listen.  You will get to tell me what your concerns are.

  • Then together we will determine what you want to achieve.  I will help you learn and practice the skills that will help you gain fulfilling life. 

  • I combine an number of different psychotherapeutic approaches: Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Experiential and Expressive Arts; whatever will help you achieve a fulfilling life.

  • With Children: I take time to build trust with children.  I utilize Play Therapy, Experiential and Expressive Arts techniques to help them open up about things that are often too hard to tell in words. I work also with their families as family is often an essential source of healing.

  • For All: We will work together for as long as we both agree it is needed. 

  • Individual and group therapy will be provided, according to your wants and needs.


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