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If you are referred for an Impaired Driver Assessment or Screening, please bring with you the following documents:

  • A copy of the arrest report from your Impaired Driver Charge(s) (DWI, DWAI, etc.),

  • The names, phone numbers and addresses of collateral contacts (that is people who know you, such as family, co-workers and friends) that you are willing for me to talk to,

  • And your Driver’s License/NY State ID.

Be ready to provide a urine sample for drug screening (alcohol use is also tested)

These are all legally required.  If you do not complete these items, the referring body will send you for another assessment, at your cost.

Be prepared for a 1-2 hour interview.  This can go quicker if you link to the following forms:

Behavioral Health Information Release, Release Forms for Collateral Contact (print on per contact you provide – 3 is a good number of collaterals to have), AND for whatever entity referred you (court, your lawyer, probation, parole, etc.).  Please fill out the names, addresses, phone numbers for each on separate forms.  DO NOT SIGN OR DATE THE RELEASES UNTIL WE MEET.

FEES: $160 for an assessment, plus $40 for the drug screen. 


Results will be ready in 4 business days, please leave time to meet deadlines imposed by your referring body.

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